Club Championship

Club Championship Weekend

A wonderful atmosphere was the defining feature of the 2016 Club Championship this year. As an event, the championship provided an opportunity for members to test their game and meet new people along the way, through friendly competition on a beautiful summer weekend. Included below are some brief summaries of each flight, along with photographs.

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The Juniors were certainly the most fun to watch, especially after the turn on the final day. Going into the back nine, the championship was up for grabs with Freddy D'Angelo, Andrew Pauls, and Freddy Gualtieri all within a couple strokes of each other. A breakdown on 10 by Gualtieri, a handful of sliced drives by Pauls, and some clutch putts for par on 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 by D'Angelo, set the stage for an incredible finish on the final hole.

Pauls was on the green in three, and D'Angelo put his second shot into the downhill fescue between the hole and the clubhouse. At this point I couldn't help but wonder if there would be a repeat of 2015 Junior Champion Pauls coming back to win the championship on the final hole, similar to what happened last year.  This wasn't the case. An incredible rescue shot, a chip, a putt, and a fist pump later and Freddy D'Angelo became the 2016 Junior Club Champion.

Luke Delgobbo broke 80 for the first time, and shot 79 on the final day to win the Bantam Championship.



The Ladies had an impressive turnout for their two and three-day events, with a total of twenty-two members participating. The A flight competition came down to the final holes on the last day of the tournament, with Dianne Haist winning by two strokes, scoring 94-103-104, for a 301 overall, to beat Janice May, who scored, 98-101-104, for a 303 overall.

Carolyn Culliton scored a stellar 92 on the final day (105-105-92, 302 overall), to beat Diane Girard (306 overall) and the rest of the ladies in B-flight. Hazel Horton won C-flight this year, posting a 107-101 over the course of two days for a 208 overall. Bonnie Shaw scored 103-104 for a 207 overall to win D-flight.

It is worth noting that Dianne Haist had plans to sign up for the B-flight this year but decided to play in the A-flight as a way to challenge herself. I caught up with Dianne at the award ceremony and asked if there was a particular reason for her success, and after pausing for a moment, she smiled and replied, "thank you Steph Markovich for not playing this year".


Brett Richardson posted an incredible 70 on the final day to walk away with A-flight title this year; Brett scored a 80-76-70 for a 226 overall. Second place in A-flight went to Tim Stewart, who scored 78-79-81 for a 238 overall.  Shane Smith came in third with a 242 overall.

Joe Duffy won B-flight with a couple strokes to spare, scoring 79-78-82 for a 239 overall. There was a three-way tie for second place in B-flight between Harry Weller, Norm Belanger, and Nick Markovich, who all scored 250 overall.

The C-flight title came down to one stroke. Joe Vince scored a clutch 91 on the final day for a 85-87-91, and three day total of 263. In second was Rice Leone with a 264 overall, with Bob Podio finishing third with a 265 overall.

Terry Smith won D-flight by a large margin, scoring 15 points ahead of anyone else; Terry scored 88-86-87 for a 261 overall. In second was Don Robert with a 276, followed by Bob Anderson in third with a 283 overall.

Open-Flight, Final Day

 Going into the final day, Aaron Black had a one stroke lead and was in a final group with some of Lookout's best in Matt Graham, Joe Miszk, and Adam Creighton. Just how good are these three? Consider this: other than our 2015 and 2014 champion, Mike Jiggins (who has recently turned pro), Graham, Miszk, and Creighton have combined to win ten out of the last twelve club championships. Talk about a David and Goliaths match-up.

Aaron shot 75-74-70-77 over four days for a grand total of 296; two strokes better than Graham and Miszk.

If you missed the opportunity this year, and would like to see some incredible golf first-hand, I highly recommend setting aside the afternoon to follow next year's Open-Flight group on the final day.

Closing Ceremony and more

This just about wraps up this 2016 Club Championship blog post. 

You can view the complete gallery, including the closing ceremony, on the Lookout Point Country Club website in the gallery section. You can use this link here: Club Championship 2016.

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